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Friday, April 16, 2010

Sweet Deal

If you love Mikarose then you'll love this! Starting now, if you go into our Mikarose store in the Provo Mall you will recieve 15% off your entire purchace. All you have to do mention this blog. That's right! There is no need to run frantically about trying to find a q-tip to clean out your ears to see if you heard correctly. (Though I guess you aren't really 'listening' to this.) In that case, no eye rubbing needed! Just come into the store whenever and any time you want, try on your favorite dress, mention this blog while you are there, and get 15% off everything in the store. It's so simple! Best yet, if you tell your friends about us and our blog they can share in your good fortune by following your example. It's the perfect way to save on beautiful fashion! Hope to see you there!

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